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Illiya Vjestica – Website Editor

Illiya is the Website Editor at Sumonix, he keeps the website running correctly and handles the creative side of things. He is obsessed with anything from Japan, in particular he has a deep love for JRPGs and 2D fighting games.

Favourite Games: Final Fantasy VII, Metal Gear Solid, Mass Effect 2

Rhys Woods

Rhys Woods – Senior Writer

Rhys loves writing about his favourite games (and the games that make him rage) for the entertainment of the Internet at large. A self confessed Final Fantasy XIV addict.

Favourite Games: Final Fantasy XIV, Danganronpa, Jet Set Radio

Aidan Fudamenski – Video Editor

Aidan is our Video Editor and “Voice” at Sumonix, managing the bulk of production that goes into our Youtube Channel, including video capture and his smooth-as-silk narration.  Growing up on N64 platformers, other genre favourites include the FPS and RPG.

Favourite Games: Super Mario 64, Halo, Ninja Gaiden

Joe Martin

Joe Martin – News Editor

Joe is the News Editor at Sumonix. He mostly contributes news stories and features no-one agrees with. He attributes his undying love of the horror genre and dressing up to being born on Halloween.

Favourite Games: Silent Hill 2, Metal Gear Solid, Outlast

Vince Shuley

Vince Shuley – Senior Writer

Vince is a diehard PC gamer always sniffing out the latest and greatest in Indie games and PC exclusives and loves playing the Devlil’s Advocate on the industry’s controversial issues.

Favourite Games: Transistor, Rogue Legacy, Prison Architect


Ryan Dean

Ryan Dean – Senior Writer

Ryan is a recent English graduate, scraping by on an Arts degree, and currently turning his attention to the world of video game journalism. Working in digital marketing by day, Ryan spends his evenings looking for new ways to bother people with his opinions, and spread his love for gaming online.

Favourite Games: Silent Hill 2, Resident Evil 4, Metal Gear Solid 4

Nathan Anton

Nathan Anton – Contributor

Nathan Parmar is a dark fantasy novelist who has branched out of creative writing to critique one of his favourite past times, video games. When not writing dark depressing tales, he binges on Dark Souls. Nathan enjoys watching anime or reading visual novels.

Favourite Games: Dark Souls,  Mass Effect trilogy, Final Fantasy XIV

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