Flame on!

All those years ago, when I first played on a video gaming console, I found my time sink in Spyro 2. Having not played the first in the series, or many video games at all for that matter, I was still smitten with it. To this day, I still want to go back and see if I have the skill and patience to complete everything like I did when I was a kid, although I doubt I could hold a candle to my former self.

The main premise of Spyro is that the aforementioned dragon is both small and heroic, helping others in need and vanquishing evil. In Spyro 2 a comical cheetah, professor and faun summon Spyro to help deal with the tyrannical Ripto, who they also summoned… by accident. During the course of the game, you utilise many of Spyro’s abilities such as fire breath and gliding to advance and defeat Ripto and his minions.


Yeah, he has henchmen ten times his size, but Ripto’s all talk.

One innovative and fascinating thing about Spyro was how his health is displayed. A little firefly by name of Sparx displays his dragon buddy’s health by changing his colour. There was no health bar at the top or bottom corner or intrusive screen effects; it was a simple and brilliant way to make use of a character as a HUD element. Back then, I didn’t appreciate this, but now I definitely notice how awesome this feature was.

Portal Here, Portal There, Portal Where?

As I remember, Spyro visits many places in the world he is summoned to. Portals to different places were everywhere, each with a new surprise at the other end. From being underwater to in the sky, Spyro got around. Not only was the vast selection of environments intriguing, there was also fun and witty humour, fit for a child such as me. I routinely remember Spyro complaining and having bouts of banter with his little firefly friend and there was plenty of life and awesomeness in this game; awesomeness that I am proud to say was a big part of my budding hobby for video gaming.

Ugh, Moneybags...

You’ll soon learn that Moneybags here is the true villain of Spyro 2.

It took years for me to eventually finish everything in Spyro 2: Ripto’s Rage. I like to redo games over again, once I get to a certain point or get bored of my character I like to move on. Thinking back I was no different as a child and went back to the start after completing it, getting better every time and eventually 100% completing it, unlocking infinite super fire breath! The game turned sandbox once I had this overpowered ability, no sheep or troll could stop Spyro and his new reign of terror! Getting the reward and that feeling of ultimate success was a reason I loved Spyro. The journey to the end was tough but brilliant and every step of the way the game kept me entertained.

A game like this remade for current gen consoles would be awesome, but sadly we haven’t seen much of the little dragon outside of Skylanders. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go find a PlayStation and Spyro 2!

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