Lost like a Dragon.

There’s nothing I love more than a old good sing-along, a holiday to Bulgaria taught me that much. Every night, without fail, me and my friend would take to the stage, flash a smile at our doting audience, and belt out a stunning rendition of Duran Duran’s ‘Hungry Like The Wolf’. We did this every night, for one whole week. Sometimes singing the same track multiple times…

Now, I’ll admit, it’s always hard to hear the boos of jealous punters during your performance. But we were intoxicated self-assured enough to know that our singing was, undeniably, of the highest calibre.

One of the reasons behind our unwavering stage presence – alcohol aside – was our mastery of the song’s lyrics; it’s the first point of call for any budding Karaoke king and should not be underestimated. Luckily, we’d spent weeks practising our award-winning performance on the Xbox 360 game Lips (don’t you judge me) before we flew out. However, we soon found out what happens when you pick a particular song without the required lyrical knowledge. Those scrolling words? Yeah, they won’t save you. ‘A View To A Kill’ indeed.


But what do you do when one of your favourite songs happens to have indecipherable lyrics? English, indecipherable lyrics? Step forward Yakuza 4’s rousing ballad ‘For Faith’, one of my go-to tracks which manages to tick two important boxes: first, it’s from an incredible video game; second, it gets me suitably pumped when I’m feeling a bit blue. Sadly, I still have absolutely no idea how to sing the damn thing.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve tried my best to carefully listen to the words. But they’re sung in such a thick, uncompromising Japanese accent that it’s nigh on impossible to determine their true meaning. Ironically, it’s this very same accent which makes the song sound so freaking awesome in the first place!

Nevertheless, when I’m singing away in my waterproof studio, otherwise known as the shower, it’s slightly distracting (not to mention disturbing) when I have to resort to spewing out utter nonsense. So, eventually, frustration led me to play humanity’s most over played trump card: I would have to Google it – after all, we have the technology, right? Why should I sit here trying to figure them out like a Neanderthal when someone’s probably already done it for me?!

Or not…

Search after search, I suddenly began to feel horribly deflated.

Search after search, I suddenly began to feel horribly deflated. YouTube, Google, even the Sega forums all pointed to one thing: it appears no one else seems to know the bloody lyrics, either! Sure, there’s plenty of educated guesses – some far closer than others (and all considerably closer than mine) – but I’m yet to find the definitive answer to my relatively simple question.

Unfortunately, it seems that the mystery behind Yakuza 4’s ‘For Faith’ lyrics will continue to go unsolved (without more prudent listening and vehement searching, I suspect) with as much chance of an official translation appearing as Sega localising Yakuza Ishin. Fat chance, then.

Karaoke K.O.

For now, I guess the deranged drivel below will simply have to do. Please feel free to sing along with the video embedded in the article (preferably behind closed doors).

My wife sucks lemongrass, he has blue poo,

So when they never explain they should,

But there’s a comfort actually, the feeling,

The forest race to re-arise,

If you had those two, then, protect you can’t assault!

The selfish day! Is not free now! Even if, false there!

The selfish day! Is not free now! Can’t just a bee!

The selfish day! Is not free now! Even if, it’s a sad,

The walk is nothing… but flat! To the next stage!

Hmm… on reflection, maybe I don’t need the official lyrics after all…

Do you know the official lyrics to Yakuza 4’s ‘For Faith’? Do us all a favour and share the wealth in the comments below!

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