Bubble bursting fun!

Bust-A-Move 2 has the player shooting various different coloured orbs in an effort to combine 3 or more of the same type for points. Simple, right? The idea and gameplay certainly was, but as I remember, it wasn’t an easy game, in fact it got very hard, very fast. Arcade mode had the little cutie green dragon, Bub, play against multiple opponents – from an electric light to a massive face with buildings on top of it. There were always little intros between each of Bub’s encounters with his opponents, and most of them involved Bub being confused or incapacitated in a number of ways. It was still family friendly, though – honest.

I distinctly remember the 3rd stage in arcade mode simply because it was incredibly hard. There was what looked like a baby, or maybe a sheep girl called Woolen, and she was simply unstoppable. The better I played the more bubbles she’d ditch onto my side to make it nigh on impossible to win. It was a frustrating fight, a brick wall, that is until I randomly beat her one fateful day. In a battle of bubbles, I simply lost the will to combat my opponent, throwing out the occasional sphere to keep the game happy. What happened next was what appeared to be confusion and clumsiness on my opponent’s part; they gazed over to my growing pile of unpopped bubbles and were stumped at the lack of competition. In the end, the mad baby sheep-like thing defeated herself with me moving nary a finger. This was probably a fluke, admittedly, but I was over the moon!

Bust-a-Move 2 bub

Bub’s forever popping bubbles.

After defeating Woolen the rest of the stages were relatively straightforward but each of them had interesting, memorable characters. A serpent, a ghost, and a vampire lady to name a few stood in Bub’s way, frightening him to no end.

Puzzles and Tunes

So Bust-a-Move 2 is a puzzler at heart, and if you don’t destroy the bubbles within a certain number of moves the ceiling will start coming down… and you don’t want that. Puzzle mode was difficult in its own right with the randomised bubbles you were granted and the somewhat precarious shots you had to make. The goal, of course, was to get the highest score and challenge others to beat it. The likes of competition today can be ruthless in games like Call of Duty and League of Legends but gamers never knew the ferocity of a heated Bust-a-Move duel back in the day.

Something I’ll never forget about Bust-a-Move is the funky music. It was like a baby was the lead vocalist of nightclub band – it was silly but memorable. Add in the ‘Baba’ and ‘Tukeeeeey’ sounds and the adorable animations of the characters and you have a very child-friendly game good to go.

I was glad Bust-a-Move 2 was part of my childhood, but unfortunately bursting bubbles doesn’t give me the same thrill anymore. If do fancy popping some circles, the game is now available on mobile.

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