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We recently discussed how the Nintendo 3DS is swiftly becoming one of the greatest handhelds of all time, and for many it’s their main gaming console (of sorts) and the ideal device for some of the most unique and best experiences gaming has to offer.

To help you expand your 3DS library we’ve put together our list of awesome 3DS Games.

If you don’t own any of these, you owe it to yourself to get them. Every single one has the Sumonix Team seal of approval!

Fire Emblem: Awakening

Ideal for: Fans of the strategy RPG genre, or if you enjoy tactical games that will make you think.

Fire Emblem: Awakening is one of finest examples of a turn-based strategy game and has all the RPG elements you could ever want. Newcomers to the series and will find themselves utterly engrossed in this extremely addictive game; for long-time fans of the series, Awakening is Fire Emblem at its very best. Carry Awakening wherever you go, because the burn for your next Fire Emblem fix may just be eternal.

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Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate

Ideal for: People who like to slay enormous beasts and harvest them for better, more cool looking armor.  

The Monster Hunter series has a notorious reputation for splitting gamers into strictly two camps in the West: those who hate it, and those who love it. It’s the Marmite equivalent of video games; there is no in-between. Either you’ve picked it up in the past, played an hour or so and never returned again, or you’ve managed to sink hundreds if not thousands of hours into it, alone or with friends. Monster Hunter 3: Ultimate is unlikely to change that. If you’re patient, persevere and continue to practice, then the rewards on offer are almost infinite. But sadly, many will find the fight too clunky, too tedious and too obtuse to stomach. I know which camp I’m in.

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Super Mario 3D Land

Ideal for: Long term Mario fans and newcomers a like. 

At a time when the future of dedicated handheld consoles is under question, thanks to the mobile gaming industry boom, Super Mario 3D Land is a beacon, a pillar of strength, a shot in the arm and a stark reminder of who these newcomers are dealing with. This is Nintendo we’re talking about, the godfathers of handheld gaming. If you own a Nintendo 3DS, then you have to buy this game. This is Nintendo’s very essence, crafted and refined in video game form. It’s a shining of example of how they valiantly answer their on-looking sceptics who quaff as they continually attempt to break the mould. There are no gimmicks here, no smoke and mirrors; this is a video game that accomplishes everything it sets out to do and it does so with aplomb. Beautiful, timeless and enchanting, Mario is back and naturally, the fat man is THE man once again. Sit back, crank that 3D slider up, and admire a masterpiece in video game design. Wahoo!

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Star Fox 64 3D

Ideal for: Anyone who wants to to relive those classic days in 1997 now in 3D. Fans of Star Fox or any space shooter will enjoy this!

If you loved the original and are ready to vanquish the armies of Andross all over again, with the added bonus of the portability factor, then there’s only positives and countless memories awaiting your purchase. If you’re sick to death of Star Fox 64 and are hoping for a re-imagining or reboot then sadly, you won’t find that here. If somehow you’ve never had a chance to join the Star Fox team in their past adventures then I implore you to check this game out. I’d go as far to say that if you’re a newcomer then add another number to the overall review score. It’s fun, fast and looks fantastic in 3D. Fox McCloud kicked ass in 1997, and he’s still kicking ass today (hopefully Slippy’s).

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Etrian Odyssey IV: Legends of the Titan

Ideal for: Hardcore fans of dungeon crawling RPGs. It’s difficult, so casual gamers beware.

Etrian Odyssey IV is a must-have title for hardcore RPG fans. The game is incredibly difficult, but immensely satisfying once you find the rhythm of levelling your characters and besting the opposition. With a main quest that spans anywhere from 80-120 hours, and a wealth of endgame content, Etrian Odyssey IV is a game that could last you forever.

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Mario Kart 7

Ideal for: Racing enthusiasts, perfect for a family of gamers looking for classic karting multiplayer action!

It’s difficult to criticise Mario Kart 7 as it’s as brilliant as ever, though admittedly, the stark familiarity is becoming more apparent than before. There isn’t a particular aspect that can be highlighted, as it’s exactly what any Mario Kart fan would want, and a fantastic game for the non-indoctrinated. The question as to whether things should be changed is a difficult one, as Mario Kart is Mario Kart; it has no equal or competitive rival. What it does, it has always done, and it will continue to do so. And that’s a good thing, because Mario Kart 7 is just as fun and exciting as the other six versions before it. It’s quite the conundrum, as many may cry for change, whilst others demand the assurances of continuity. People buy Mario Kart for Mario Kart and if it wasn’t Mario Kart then there would be no Mario Kart! Perhaps this predicament is best left to the masterminds at Nintendo. I’m just looking forward to the next Mario Kart…wait, what?

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Resident Evil: Revelations

Ideal for: Survival Horror fans and anyone who wishes for more classic Resident Evil games. Lovers of action games and first-person shooters might also enjoy this gem.

Resident Evil: Revelations lives up to the aptly chosen title with a number of prominent highlights. From the gorgeous graphics, to the fantastic audio, Revelations truly sets a new standard in a number of departments on the Nintendo 3DS. Great strides have been made at reuniting Resident Evil with scares and suspense, with the classic style paying dividends for the fan of old. Still, a lack of tangible terror and odd design choices prevent Revelations from a true return to form. There’s definitely a few niggling flaws which prevent Resident Evil: Revelations from reaching greatness, and the controls may still exasperate some, but there’s no denying that Revelations is a great game and an absolute must-buy for any Resident Evil fan.

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Kid Icarus Uprising

Ideal for: Showcasing the 3DS’ 3D effect and a wonderful re-imagining of a classic series. 

They say that patience is a virtue. That good things comes to those who wait. Kid Icarus Uprising is a testament to both those proverbs. Fans have had to wait far too long for Pit’s return, but heaven knows it’s been worth it. Kid Icarus Uprising manages to reinvent the franchise for a modern audience whilst staying true to its past glories. You won’t just be playing this game for a couple of hours; you could be playing this for months, if not years. Yes the controls are very difficult to master at first, but once you have, it’s impossible not to end up in love with this game. Remember patience is a virtue. Let’s pray to Palutena that we won’t have to wait as long for the next Kid Icarus game… We mean it, Nintendo!

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Essential Downloadable Titles

Phoenix Wright: Dual Destinies

Ideal for: Fans of puzzle and investigation games, or those acquainted with the Professor Layton series who want something more serious. Anyone who dreams of being attorney but doesn’t want to do the law exams.

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies is a fantastic game, and the fact that Capcom have been able to match the lofty quality of the series some years on is incredible. With the classic Ace Attorney gameplay that seamlessly fuses satisfaction and intrigue, along with an amazing audio/visual package, this is one series veterans and newcomers alike should definitely consider.

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Phoenix Wright: Dual Destinies is available for purchase on the Nintendo eShop Store.

Steam World Dig

Ideal for: Gamers who enjoy digging, exploration and platforming. If you dream of the Wild Wild West this is the game for you – oh, and if you like Robots.

An ecstatic mix of pop culture and classic game influences makes Steamworld Dig one of the most memorable 2D platformers of 2013. The Steamworld universe is just getting started, so look forward to more titles in the franchise soon.

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Steam World Dig is available for purchase on the Nintendo eShop Store.


Ideal for: People who enjoy moving blocks around. No, seriously. Pullblox is fun, cute and a blast to kill a few hours. 

Cute, fun and an excellent all-round puzzle game, Pullblox will have you pulling your hair out in bemusement, then fist pumping the air with glee a moment later. The eShop finally has a game with real pulling power.

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Pullblox is available for purchase on the Nintendo eShop Store.

We hope you’ve enjoy our list of awesome 3DS games, it’s an amazing handheld which offers some of the very best gaming has to offer. Let us know if there are any other games you can recommend.

This article will be updated periodically with new titles and new games featured. Last update 27/03/2013

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