sumo muscle poseいらっしゃいませ!Welcome to Sumonix! And thank you for being curious enough to find out more about us and our wonderful website.

Before you put your feet up at our delightful dojo, we’d like to formally introduce ourselves. Oh, and did we mention you look stunning today? Here, have a glass of champagne. It’s on the house.

Sumonix boldly entered the competitive world of video games journalism on August 29, 2011, under the previous alias of Awesome Games. The goal was to create a website that was honest, opinionated and free from the constraints placed upon the “bigger” video game websites. We wanted to be different.

Sumonix grew exponentially in a short period of time, establishing itself as the home of entertaining and unique content. The website’s success was later recognised in 2016 when it was shortlisted for the UK Blog Awards.

Since then, Sumonix has been in a period of transition. However, this sumo isn’t ready to submit yet! With a handful of snacks, and a controller in hand, we’re ready to rise again.

We hope that you will share your views and opinions with other gamers here at Sumonix and become a regular visitor of our big-bellied creation. Remember, our door’s always open! またね。