Bass Invaders II.

What’s up, wub-loving wobbuffets! I’m back with a brand new selection of scintillating dubstep remixes of classic video game themes, perfect for battering your brain, irritating old people and reducing buildings to rubble with their booming basslines. I’ve scoured the darkest depths of YouTube to find five thumping tracks, all of which come with our golden seal of approval from a team of independent adjudicators.

So crank up the volume, grab a pair of quality cans and get ready for some video game infused b-b-b-bass! Here we go!

5. Plants Vs Zombies – Ruben K (Plants Vs Zombies Theme)

The zombies are coming – although this time, they’re body popping their way down the garden to Ruben K’s sinister remix! Cooler than a zombie’s corpse, and with more bite than a ravenous Chomper, this dubstep delight is guaranteed to scramble your BRAINZ!

4. 8-Bit Hero – Excision & DatsiK (Mega Man)

Mega Man may be gone, but the games’ timeless soundtracks will never be forgotten. This re-engineered, eclectic rendition of various Mega Man themes is a fitting reminder, combining the old and new to devastating effect. No one knows when or if the Blue Bomber will ever truly return, but this headbanging track would certaintly wind up Dr. Wiley. And that’s good enough for us.

3. Castlevania Vampire Killer (NES) Dubstep Remix – Decibel Alex (Castlevania)

Staying true to the game’s iconic chiptune intro, Decibel Alex’s Castlevania Vampire Killer remix is… well, killer! Bound to get every creature in the castle bouncing, these low-end frequencies could wake any beast from their eternal slumber. Sink your fangs into this blood-pumping bassline.

2. Sonic The Hedgehog Dubstep Remix – Hooky (Green Hill Zone)

Sonic’s always been the epitome of cool. The way he wags his finger, those sweet sneaks he wears, and the fact he’s the fastest thing alive (seriously). If anyone was deserving of their own hip and happening dubstep remix, it’s the Blue Blur. Thankfully, Green Hill Zone just got the Sonic Boom it needed with Hooky’s ring-flinging remix. A marriage of memorable sound effects and dirty decibels, even Dr. Robotnik would appreciate this electronic creation.

1. Kirby Smash – Foxsky (Kirby’s Theme)

He’s cute, he’s pink, and now he’s the master of the heavy drop. Kirby can suck up whatever the world throws at him. And in this rambunctious remix, Foxsky manages to give Kirby’s classic theme a shape-shifting new sound, capturing our hearts and minds in the process. Let your ears get tickled pink by this infectious track.

Did you enjoy these remixes? Don’t forget to check out our original top 5 dirty dubstep remixes of video game themes and let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


Daniel Cornejo for the Wobbuffet Vector

Dark Blue Dirty Grunge Texture used in the feature image by D Sharon Pruitt

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