Bass Invaders

I’ve always considered myself to be a rather cool cat, cooler than the water in the swimming pool so to speak. So, it was with great pleasure that I embarked on a quest to connect with today’s youth. I’ve never shied away from what’s hip and happening, and right now the majority of those crazy kids are listening to a relatively new musical genre known as ‘Dubstep’, which apparently involves a lot of ‘dropping the bass’. Naturally, here at Sumonix we’re all about video games first and foremost, so I decided to search for a combination of the two, and boy did I find some downright dirty beats! Turn your headphones up and enjoy. Your brain is about to become wobbly jelly.

5. Poke Step (Pokemon Dubstep)

Utilising the original BGM from Pokemon Red and Blue, this delightful rendition of an old classic gives Ash Ketchum’s quest to ‘catch em’ all’ a whole new perspective. Whether you’re on the road to Viridian City, flicking through your Pokedex or battling a gym master, this modern day collaboration delivers a seismic shock right between the ears. Bass, I choose you!

4. Halo Reach Out (Halo Dubstep Remix)

Mashing up the once peaceful monastery is this space age adaptation of the classic Halo theme. The instantly recognisable wails of the monks, contrasting with the squeal of an electric guitar and thumping bass transforms the dynamics of Master Chief’s anthem. Noiser than the pillar of Autumn under siege, it’s time for Cortana to move aside, and let the bass reside.

3. Donkey Kong Country Theme Dub Remix 

Oh, it’s on like Donkey Kong, people! DK’s always been a fan of drum and bass, a talented and often overlooked bongo player. This remix of the classic Donkey Kong Country Theme is a fantastic combination of the old and new, loud enough to wake the sleeping lions of the jungle and the perfect audio ensemble to make Cranky Kong that little bit crankier. Go bananas to this brilliant bass infused remix.

2. Song of Storms Dubstep Remix (Zelda Dubstep)

The Song of Storms from the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is arguably one of my favourite video game songs of all time. And when I heard this superb adaptation, I quickly picked up my music box and span that handle round like never before. The heavens parted and the rain thundered down, as I danced around gleefully to this marvellous dubstep remix. Bring the bass, bring the rain…

1. Super Mario Dubstep Remix (Heavy Drop)

We all love Mario. He’s a jack of all trades and a master of everything he surveys. The portly plumber will forever be remembered as a legend, but perhaps not as the bringer of dirty bass beats. Reserved for underground pipe parties beneath the mushroom Kingdom, Mazza delivers a fireball of pure dubstep. This collection of heavy drops and spine-tingling low-end frequencies is more powerful than a Bullet Bill to the face. Here we go!

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