Tides Of Release Date Pushed Back

Torment: Tides of Numeria is the much anticipated follow-up to the classic RPG Planescape: Torment. Torment was famed for its deep story, original game world and cast of characters that defied fantasy conventions.

When inXile launched a kickstarter for the sequel back in 2013, it received over four million dollars in funding, showing fans still had a passion for the setting after well over a decade. With inXile hard at work finishing up work on Wasteland 2 (which is now available early access on steam) the date of release for Tides of Numeria has now been pushed back. Project lead Kevin Saunders talks about the trials and tribulations of the development process in Tide of Numeria’s latest backer update.

“So, where are we on Torment then? During the last week of our Kickstarter, we had adjusted our target launch date to the first half of 2015. And last December, in Update 27, I mentioned that timeline was still feasible, but that Torment’s schedule remained in flux until all became clear with Wasteland 2. Wasteland 2’s success in Early Access allowed us to spend more time improving it, which also meant we had more time in preproduction on Torment. We’ve had more time to prototype, improve tools, iterate on our processes, etc. before entering full production. This has been a great thing for everything… except for our release date.

“You may wonder how we can extend TTON’s development for a year longer than planned. By running a small core team during the preproduction phase, we have been extremely efficient in developing the foundation and the pipeline for the game – we make decisions more quickly, and we’ll have set a strong vision to help eliminate uncertainty. This will help us make fewer mistakes as the full team ramps up. One year following TTON’s Kickstarter, more than 80% of the development budget remained, so we have a lot of firepower for our production, beta, and finalisation phases.”

Saunders expects that a realistic release date for Tides of Numeria would be the fourth quarter of 2015. InXile should be going into full production on the game once Wasteland 2 is finished in August.