Good At The Water Temple, Bad At Maths

A study carried out in Northern Ireland suggests that school children who play video games get worse GCSE results than their non-gaming peers.

Research by The National Children’s Bureau Northern Ireland found that 41% of 600 14 to 16-year-olds who took part in a study from 2012-14 and who used portable gaming devices at least twice a day achieved at least five GCSE A* to C grades, compared with 77% of those who used them less than once a week.

The research doesn’t offer any suggestion as to why this might be.

Interestingly, the report, ICT and Me, also found that although 81% of the children involved in the study said they used social media daily, many for several hours, there was apparently no link between social media use and exam performance.

We look forward to the next study which once agains ties video games with violence.