An Online Revelation

You can now play Resident Evil Revelations 2’s Raid mode online with another player thanks to an update from Capcom.

The feature was originally supposed to be a part of the game from launch but ended up being delayed, leaving players who wanted to experience Raid mode alongside another person with the choice of either local co-op or no co-op at all.

Raid mode is essentially the Mercenaries mode from previous games, a survival arena that sees players tasked with surviving waves of enemies with limited resources and time at their disposal.

The update is now available for the PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and PC versions of Revelations 2. According to the Capcom Unity blog, the Xbox One version “is taking a little more time to complete, but it should be up and running shortly.”

Other changes in today’s update include increased difficulty for Raid mode’s Code Red stages and a news feed in the main menu that offers information from Resident Evil’s official website.

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