More Storage, Better Controller

Man, it really does suck to be an early adopter, doesn’t it? Sure, you’ve got the Day One achievement, and even that little etching on the controller. You also got to play all those games before they eventually get remastered for the next-generation of consoles. But you’re stuck with a measly 500GB hard drive, and a controller that needs a headset adapter. That’s so last year, bro!

To all you late comers, who seem to be rewarded for patiently waiting when surely you should be punished, a new Xbox One with a 1TB hard drive is on the way. There’s also a new controller, which features a standard 3.5mm headset jack, so you don’t have to buy Microsoft’s Stereo Headset Adapter. You can adjust the volume and chat levels in the settings menu, mute the mic and turn on mic monitoring if it’s available.

The bumpers, which are a bit hit and miss with a lot of people, have also been refined, and are now more responsive along the whole surface area. Firmware updates can also be sent straight to the controller wirelessly, so there’s no need to connect it via USB any more.

If you haven’t picked up an Xbox One yet, and you’re interest has now suddenly peaked, the new model will retail for £349.99 starting from today. The older, smellier model will cost £299.99. But you wouldn’t want that one, cause it’s totes out of date. Oh, and the new Xbox One has a matte finish. So there.

The controller will be available as a standalone option later in the summer, with a new Covert Forces camo option available.

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