The Salt Temple.

Ah, Linkle, the next victim of the social justice warriors. A term given to a margin of internet denizens who either a) get offended over completely trivial things, b) threaten people who enjoy things that they hate or c) both of these. In most cases, Scenario C is the method of choice. These people truly live up to their not at all ironic moniker, right?

Sadly not, as these so called warriors are only out to satisfy themselves, or pick fights where there wasn’t one to begin with. And shockingly, their twisted form of rage-fueled “internet justice” has more sway than it ever should, and users supporting this kind of aggressive protest are ironically a danger to the so-called “freedom” they strive for. Now as a quick disclaimer, I am all for freedom of speech and the ability to portray oneself on the Internet in whatever way they like. People have that right. What they don’t have is the right to openly harass others for getting joy from something, and then accuse the victim of harassment as soon as they speak of, or offer any form of criticism.

The hypocrisy of such individuals absolutely knows no bounds, and this time (once again instead of doing any kind of meaningful protest) this woefully deluded community has aimed their sights at Linkle, a character announced for the upcoming 3DS game Hyrule Warriors: Legends. Now, I’m no stranger to Hyrule Warriors and after pumping near enough 150 hours into the Wii U game, I can confidently say I’m quite qualified to counter a lot of the arguments against Linkle, chiefly:

“Why not just name her Link?”

One point of contention is that if Nintendo and Omega Force truly wanted to create a female version of Link, they would just name her that. Now that actually is a fair point. Link is obviously not a gender specific name, and starting with Linkle we can see that a female version of the regularly male hero is a possibility, and one I hope Nintendo explores more into the future.

On the other hand, I don’t think her name should be stirring up any kind of hatred. I mean, Linkle isn’t the most flattering name; it sounds like what a pixie would say if they had to take a leak. But, it remains close enough to “Link” for it to be, in my opinion, a non-issue.

You know who else is playable in Hyrule Warriors? Young Link, who was added in as part of the game’s DLC run. Oh, and Toon Link is going to be featured in Legends. That’s a total of four “Links”: the Hyrule Warriors incarnation (and main protagonist), the Majora’s Mask and Wind Waker depictions, as well as Linkle. Young and Toon Link are named in such a way as to distinguish themselves from “regular” Link. So would you prefer Linkle to be named Girl Link? Female Link maybe? Isn’t that just a tad degrading? At least with Linkle the character is given a proper name, not to mention she’s a fully fledged new character! That’s miles better than a simple costume swap, right?

Now let’s be real, if Nintendo featured a female Link in a main Zelda title, we can be sure that they would (as is the case in every single Zelda game) give players the ability to name her whatever they want. Hey, maybe then you can fulfill your desire to name the character Link, and continue to complain anyway! Oh, what a world.

“She reinforces a stereotype…”

Apparently, being a female character in this type of game have to be fast and have to have some kind of ranged or weak-but-fast weapon type. Sigh. Have you people even played Hyrule Warriors? Not only are the majority of the playable characters (pre-DLC at least) female, they all have widely varied playstyles. Did you notice the size of Impa’s Giant Blade? Maybe her somehow even bigger Naginata? What about Zelda’s Rapier or Dominion Rod weapons? Perhaps you simply ignored Lana’s epic Faron Spear? Or the fact that Ruto can rather casually summon tidal waves to drown her enemies? Oh, and Midna’s ability to summon a giant crushing fist and aspects of (impressively acrobatic) wolves? That’s an awful lot of stereotype reinforcing right there!

linke hate impa

Impa is proof of the contradictory nature of these so-called feminists. They have no real interest in Hyrule Warriors.

Now in the case of Linkle, she seems like a very quick character who wields crossbow akimbo. First of all, how can you possibly be upset with a character that dual-wields crossbows? Secondly, everyone in Hyrule Warriors is super fast. Even slow, lumbering warriors like Zant, Darunia and Ganondorf are able to give Usain Bolt a run for his money.

Lastly, all characters in the game are of equal strength by default. The only way one can possibly be stronger than the other is by leveling them up more. That, and upgrading their weapons and abilities. If a character is overpowered (and this goes for most Warriors games, too) it’s because of their pre-defined move-set or special/Musou attacks.

While Linkle may be in line with a more established weapon type, I think she still adds a good deal of diversity to the lineup. There aren’t really any range based heroes in the game at present, and I believe her style nicely compliments Link’s more traditional sword n’ board get up.

“Her design reeks of sexism”

Why? Because she’s showing a bit of leg? I think this is further proof this particular group of people haven’t played Hyrule Warriors, nor have any interest in Zelda in general. This is a series full of female characters garbed in clothing ranging from not at all revealing to quite amply voluptuous. I mean, just look at Ocarina’s Great Fairy. Her design is so revealing that I can’t quite believe family friendly Nintendo designed her. This says nothing of the Gerudo tribe or Hyrule Warriors’ Cia, both of which happily omit the word “subtle” from their vocabulary.

linkle hate darunia

Darunia has a ruthless gut, so is he reinforcing the middle-aged dad stereotype?

So, is a bit of leg all it takes for you to get bent out of shape? Or do you just prefer the easy targets because you know your arguments would get ripped to shreds anywhere else? Try leaving the house and walk around town for a bit. Even though it’s winter, chances are you’ll see some men and women walking around with at least some skin showing. Would that rub you the wrong way as well? Should we all just wear boiler suits and gimp masks?

For the Zelda universe, and for her role in Legends, Linkle is very appropriately dressed. No unnecessary cleavage on show (and can I just say that Team Ninja worked on this game, too? You know, the developer that’s infamous for unnecessary cleavage?), and nothing that would imply a hindrance on her ability to move.

I know most people have been very receptive of Linkle’s inclusion. It’s wonderful that we’re finally getting a female variant of a traditionally male hero. Come to think of it, isn’t that what these very same protesters have been after? Well, just like Mr. Creosote, these armchair crusaders are always hungry and never satisfied. I sincerely hope that one day their toxic behaviour explodes in a shower of bile and other viscous bodily fluids.