Metal mod?

We truly live in the age of HD revamps. With the likes of Final Fantasy VII and Resident Evil 2 getting full remakes and half the world’s dev teams wanting to make a guaranteed buck by sprucing up titles from yesteryear rather than investing time and creativity in new IP, it’s a bit surprising that Konami haven’t announced a full blown Metal Gear Solid remake yet. Metal Gear Solid 5 tried in its own flawed and ham-fisted way to tie the prequel stories into the original Metal Gear games so it feels like the time is right.

But fans are a dogged and determined bunch. If they want something and can’t get it, they’ll make it themselves. We saw it last year with Resident Evil 2, a fan-led remake that was being developed before Capcom announced their own official remake, and we’re seeing it again now with Metal Gear Solid.

Developed under the working title Shadow Moses, the game is the work of long time Metal Gear Solid fan Airam Hernandez, who initially set out to recreate the iconic environments of Shadow Moses – such as the hanger Metal Gear Rex is contained in, the office where Snake battles Psycho Mantis, and the long corridor in which you first face off against Sniper Wolf. The idea was to create a ‘museum game’ that would allow players to explore the base in glorious HD using the Unreal Engine 4.

“My surprise was that after a few weeks, everybody was talking about it!” Airam explained in a recent post on the Shadow Moses Facebook page. “So many online magazines started writing articles and I received a lot of messages offering help and support. That’s the reason I decided to remake the entire game!”

Squaring off against Metal Gear Rex has never looked so good.

Squaring off against Metal Gear Rex has never looked so good.

The page already has over 20,000 likes and Metal Gear fans have been passionate in their support of the project but Airam is well aware of the challenges ahead, not least of all the possibility of legal action from Konami.

“Konami owns the MGS copyright and therefore sooner or later we will need their full permission” he explains in another post on the page. “We have therefore chosen to openly share this project from the beginning so that we can deal with any issues that may arise as they come. We believe this is better than putting years of work into a project only to get it shut down. Please, respect this decision.”

It would be a shame if the world were to be denied a remake fuelled by such love and passion for the original game but by adopting a policy of open disclosure, Airam has shown he’s willing to engage with Konami from the offset. It’s unlikely the game will ever be released or even fully completed – Konami will likely issue a cease and desist order long before that point – but if nothing else this impressive looking project may spur Konami into developing an official remake of their own, much like how Capcom finally took note of the overwhelming fan demand for a remake of Resident Evil 2 after the development of a similar independent project. If they don’t, then Shadow Moses will likely be the closest we ever get to seeing how the legendary Metal Gear Solid would look on modern day systems. For an MGS fan, that alone makes this project worth a look. Check it out while you can – it might not be around much longer.