Things Just Goat Serious

A new DLC expansion for Goat Simulator will plunge the madcap title into an MMO setting from November 20th.

The free expansion will be released via Steam as a thank you to everyone who bought the game and features a fantasy setting complete with peasants, markets and rustic locales.

“Once you try out our new expansion, you guys will sh** so many bricks that it’ll trigger a new real-estate bubble” said Armin Ibrisagic, the game’s designer and PR Manager.

Goat Simulator was released earlier this year and went on to become the studio’s most successful game so far, selling over 1.1 million copies on PC, Mac and Linux and over 500,000 on mobiles.

You can see a trailer for the new expansion below.

[yt_video id=”WAm5yxQA_HY”][/yt_video]