Get Ready For The Big One

Yesterday one of the leading developers at Gearbox studios announced that they’re recruiting for the next game in the series, and it’s going to be ‘the big one’.

The announcement came on Twitter last night from Gearbox’s President, Randy Pitchford, who asked if anyone considered themselves an “industry badass?”. It seems like a strange way to advertise a job, but then again what can we expect from the guys who brought us Pandora and Elpis?

The Borderlands series is famous for its trademark mixture of frantic first person shooter combat and borderline obsessive compulsive fixation on tasty loot and crazy weaponry, not to mention it’s striking visual style and eclectic cast of characters.

Developer Gearbox also recently announced The Handsome Collection, which is basically the first two games in all their current gen glory, along with four player split screen co-op. OR, if you like your sci-fi shooter madness a little bit more character focused, why not check out our review of Telltale Game’s adaptation, Tales from the Borderlands.