We’d like to apologise firstly for the late running on this episode, as they say, ‘life got in the way’ and we had to take an extended hiatus, but rest assured Tanooki Time is back and bigger and better than ever before.

Scalebound is delayed to 2017, but we are happy we are going to be possibly getting a better and more polished game. Platinum Games won’t fail us. Adam and I discuss what dream games we’d like to see in 2017 including a new Crash Bandicoot and many more.

VR is a big topic for 2016 and at $600 we feel the Oculus Rift is over priced. Will VR be a big hit in 2016? We don’t think so.

Thanks for tuning in and we’ll be back next Friday for a new episode.

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*This podcast contains some mild swearing. Parents – please be aware.

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