Rock The Dragon

The planets must have aligned recently, because Capcom have finally seen fit to bring one of their best games from the last generation, Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisento Steam.

Releasing in January 2016, Dragon’s Dogma on PC will present stunningly high resolution graphics with increased fidelity. The game also includes full Steam platform support with Achievements and the ability to play using both Xbox 360 and Xbox One controllers, plus the traditional keyboard and mouse control scheme are all available for players to customise the way they play.

Now a whole new audience of gamers will be able to enjoy exploring the huge world of Gransys helped (read: hindered) along the way by three companion “pawns” that would pick up the earth itself if they could.

Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen will release on PC on 15th January 2016 for £24.99, $29.99 or your regional equivalent.