DBZ… But Not As We Know It

The new trailer for Dragon Ball: Xenoverse gives fans a huge insight as to what’s in store for them if they buy the game. For the first time ever, developer Dimps and publisher Bandai Namco have created a brand new storyline that allows players to insert themselves into Dragon Ball Z history – the plot is as follows:

Two evil god-like warriors watch over Goku and the other Z fighters and alter their fates, for the worse; forcing them to lose a battle in which they famously achieved victory, thus altering the timeline. With his friends and comrades dropping like flies to this powerful new enemy, Trunks is forced to return back in time and recruit Earth’s only hope… You.

That’s right, instead of playing as one of the Z fighters, you actually get to create your very own spiky haired, custom warrior. Not much is known about the character creation side of things so far, but it seems that you can choose between a choice of race, hair, clothing and even select your very own move set.

Do not fear though, you are still able to play as your favourite characters from the show in the other modes; one of which is a 3 on 3 brawl, which can see you pitted against your friends in an online battle for supremacy.

Dragon Ball Z: Xenoverse is scheduled for an “Early 2015″ release.

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