Running Rampant

Cortana, Microsoft’s personal assistant, isn’t supposed to be part of the New Xbox One Experience until 2016, but one fortunate preview member on Reddit has managed to stumble across Master Chief’s trusted AI companion.

By accessing the settings panel, going up and mashing the A button a couple of times, Cortana will be awakened from her secretive slumber. She can already do the majority of tasks available to Windows 10 users now, such as check the weather, and even crack a few jokes.

Cortana will eventually let players check who’s online, view upcoming quests in games like Fable: Legends and navigate the Xbox One OS.

It should be noted that Cortana isn’t ready yet for Xbox One, so what we’re seeing is likely to change in the coming months. Nevertheless, if you want to know what the weather’s like on Earth while you’re in the middle of a raid in Destiny, Cortana is at your service. Don’t keep a girl waiting, OK?