More Than A Coat Of Blood-Soaked Paint

The upcoming remake of Resident Evil 2 will definitely be a full-blown remake and not a simple remaster.

That’s the latest info from Capcom, whose senior marketing director for the UK, Stuart Turner, took to Twitter to confirm that this is no simple reworking of an old classic.

The confusion came after Capcom’s last investor report referred to the game as a “remaster”.

Explaining the developer’s plans via the social media platform, Stuart said: “Seems to be a few people picking up a mistranslation in our investor report. RE2 will be a full from the ground up remake NOT a remaster.”

This matches comments made earlier in the year by producer Yoshiaki Hirabayashi, who explained at the time that fans had influenced the studio’s decision to do a full remake of the classic survival horror game.

No release date has yet been given for the project.