Keep Mii entertained.

Yes, yes, I can hear you. “Dude, Miitomo’s been out for less than a month, and you’re already screaming for new features? Give it some time!” It’s a statement I fully understand, and I’m quite aware that (given Nintendo’s recent and forward-thinking approach to DLC and content updates) Miitomo will undoubtedly be built upon, I thought I would share a few ideas for new features to make the app feel more complete without becoming a convoluted mess.

1. Room Customisation

This is probably the first of many comparisons I’ll make to 3DS sleeper hit Tomodachi Lifewhich at the time of writing has the funniest pronunciation of the word “hiccups” you could possibly find. Now, I’m not saying Miitomo needs to become an exact replica; they are different titles with different purposes. However, being able to customise our Mii’s room/apartment/prison cell thing will not only make visiting our friends’ Miis more interesting, it’ll give us more things to spend our coins on beyond clothes and games of Miitomo Drop.

2. More Minigames

Speaking of Miitomo Drop, it’s a wonderfully hilarious minigame that’s perfect for mobile devices. You have to drop your Mii (or that of a friend) into a bagatelle style board in order to win unique clothing or sweets that can be given to other Miis. While I suppose you could learn how to game the boards to exploit their structure and always ensure you get the rewards you want, it’s mostly a game of chance. And that’s not a criticism; I think the element of luck adds to the satisfaction of getting that item that you want, given the nature of the app.

miitomo miifoto

Miifoto lets you place your Miis in all sorts of bizarre scenarios.

What I propose is more minigames along the same lines, themed around amusement attractions. Stuff like claw games (that aren’t a scam!), penny pushers and fruit machines. Maybe for the latter we can line up three pictures of a friend’s Mii and they get a share of your bonus. I also don’t see anything wrong with including some skill based games, like a shooting gallery (a la Hogan’s Alley and Duck Hunt).

3. More Mission Variety

Miitomo is linked to Nintendo new rewards system: My Nintendo. So far it appears to be a wonderful service and the rewards aren’t anything to sneeze at. Currently you can nab Wario Ware Touched! and My Nintendo Picross – The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess for 1000 Points each. Points can be obtained by completing missions in Miitomo and on the My Nintendo website. Now, considering there’s already a good variety of rewards, it would be nice to see Miitomo’s missions become a little less generic.

Currently mission variety revolves around other users leaving hearts (read: likes) and comments on your answers to questions your Mii asks you. You can also get points for viewing the answers of other Miis, and linking Miitomo with various social media accounts. All very basic stuff. I think it would be great if rewards could be tied into minigames or discovering secrets and easter eggs in the game. On the My Nintendo website, you can find a Super Mario block down in the bottom right; clicking this will lead to a quick minigame where you have to click your Mii to earn a few extra points. More interactive stuff like this in Miitomo would be wonderful.

4. All Round Better Optimisation

Miitomo runs great on pretty much any smartphone, but there are a few performance issues holding it back. For one, it drains the battery not unlike the way in which Augustus Gloop can be described as a chocolate vortex. Granted, my phone’s battery is not efficient at the best of times, but I’m starting to think I should leave the bugger on charge whenever I open Miitomo.

This is not my biggest gripe, however. Nay, that belongs to the fact that Miitomo cannot be run in the background. If you hit the home button on your phone, lock it, or let the screen automatically switch off after a period of inactivity, Miitomo will assume it’s been closed. While it doesn’t take a long time to reboot it and continue where you left off, it’s a bit tiresome to sit through a loading screen on what’s supposed to be a quickfire social app.

5. You’re Watching Mii News

For this point, I feel it’s only right to quote a lyric from legendary Manchester rock band The Smiths: “please, please, please, let me… let me… get Mii News as a feature in Miitomo, lord knows it would be the first time.” It’s a song we’ve been singing for more than 30 years, and now that Miitomo is out it seems more relevant than ever.

In case you’re curious, Mii News was a highlight of playing Tomodachi Life, and was a twice daily update of the definitely-not-fictional current events of the Miis on your island. Topics include the invention of ravioli baths, a Mii feeling down because they stepped in dog poo or someone finding a fish with an incredible likeness to one of the island’s residents. Given that Miitomo isn’t as single player focused as Tomodachi Life I doubt this will be a feature that will ever be implemented. If not, it would be unfortunate, but I urge anyone to pick up the peculiar 3DS game to experience much of the silliness Miitomo currently lacks.