Search your feelings, you know it to be true.

With EA having confirmed recently that Star Wars Battlefront will not be getting any of the locations from The Force Awakens as playable levels (these are likely being saved for a future installment rather than being released as DLC), the question of what content will be released to justify the season pass’ hefty price tag has been running rampant in the minds of gamers across the world. The less said about the prequel films the better, so let’s focus instead on five locations from the original trilogy that Battlefront desperately needs if it’s to meet its hope of being the ultimate Star Wars gaming experience.

1. Battle of Endor (Space)/The Death Star

‘Fess up. How many of you dreamed of assaulting the Death Star as a child? Battlefront already has the ground skirmish of the Battle of Endor covered, so the next logical step is to take to the skies and let us experience the space battle. With all of the existing levels being based on a planet’s atmosphere or close to ground level, it’s about time Battlefront took the plunge and gave us a proper space dogfights. And what better location is there than the Death Star/Second Death Star? It’s hard to pick between the iconic trench run of A New Hope or the all-or-nothing assault of Return of the Jedi (my personal preference would be the assault on the Second Death Star). But one thing’s for certain – Battlefront needs a Death Star level like Superman needs solar energy.

Star Wars Battlefront Battle of Endor

“We’ll last longer than we will against that Death Star.”

2. Cloud City

One of the most memorable locations in a film already blessed with new and memorable locales. Bespin was where many of The Empire Strikes Back’s pivotal moments took place and its absence from Battlefront has left a carbonite block-sized hole in the game’s level selection. Its vast corridors, open walkways and starship landing pads allow for plenty of intense combat, while the comparatively small and intimate design of the carbonite freezing chamber is ideally suited to the close quarters skirmishes favoured by the game’s Blast mode. Give us Bespin as a playable location and we’ll be on cloud (city) nine.

Bespin Star Wars Battlefront

Who doesn’t want to visit Cloud City?

3. Yavin 4

It featured as the Rebel’s hideout in A New Hope and was home to plenty of action in the expanded universe material set post-Return of the Jedi, including becoming the location of a new Jedi Temple where Luke trained padawans. We’ve already got a woodland level in Endor but the ancient Massassi Temple that the Rebellion used in A New Hope would provide an ideal hunting ground for Imperials and Rebel forces alike.

Yavin 4

Yavin 4 was always a popular tourist attraction.

3. Dagobah

Yoda’s planet of choice for exile featured as a playable level in the original Battlefront games so we know it can work here. Fighting in and around the dingy swamps of Dagobah could lend an atmospheric touch to a game whose current levels are predominantly bright and sunny. Walking through the swamp – or spending too long stood still in it – could carry the risk of being pulled down and chewed on much like poor old Artoo in The Empire Strikes Back. Not to mention it opens up the possibility of having Yoda as a playable hero character.

Dagobah Star Wars Battlefront

“I met him in a swamp down in Dagobah, where it doubles all the time like a giant carbonated soda.”

4. Jabba’s Palace

OK, so Star Wars Battlefront already has its fair share of dusty levels but hear me out. The inside of Jabba’s palace should be big enough to constitute a tight-knit arena on its own, complete with Rancor pit that unwitting players could find themselves falling into. There wouldn’t necessarily be a lot of room to jump and fly about but the lack of hiding places could lead to some intense deathmatch-style firefights. And really, who wouldn’t relish the chance to try and trick another player into an intimate date with the Rancor pit?

Jabba's Palace Star Wars Battlefront

DICE would be silly jedis not to include Jabba’s palace.